7 Ways To Dress Up Your Pool Deck

With summer months coming, your pool area is going to be the center of family gatherings once again. To prepare the area for guests and summertime fun, try these seven simple ways to dress up your pool deck.

Lounge Chairs
Waterproof lounge chairs would be a perfect addition to your deck. They would not only add visual elegance, but they also provide a place for your family and guests to relax. More than a good place to dry off after a swim, they’re great for soaking up those summer rays.
Adding seasonal plants as decoration provide a pleasant aesthetic to your pool area. They also act as an outdoor air purifier. Certain plants help to repel mosquitoes and make evening swimming more enjoyable.

Comfortable Rug When getting in and out of your pool, you’ll most likely be barefoot and soaking wet. This can prove to be a bit of a slipping hazard. To prevent an accident, place a thick rug down across the wood to provide traction.

Outdoor Storage Container

Wild critters, neighborhood kids, and strong winds can pick up and carry off your aquatic toys. Place a heavy storage box or container on your deck in which to store your aquatic toys and items for safe keeping.

Lights If nighttime swimming is one of your guilty pleasures, add some mood lighting. Hang a set of solar-powered string lights. They provide soft light for evening gatherings. Adding colored bulbs or themed shades also make them a beautiful decoration.
Tiki torches are the perfect touch to your outdoor swimming area day or night. During the day, tiki torches provide a festive and rustic look, and act as temporary barriers. During the evening, tiki torches provide soft lighting and insect repelling benefits.
Art and Decorations
For a more sophisticated look, you can add hanging wall art to the outside of your home or the fence around your pool. You could also add decorative statues, ceramics, and tapestries.
Greenscapes Outdoor can help plan and execute the summer pool design of your dreams. Contact Greenscapes today to set up your consultation.
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