What’s the point of having a backyard living space if you can’t enjoy it?

A great backyard living space increases the value of your home, extends your living space, and provides respite from the outside world. Decorating that hallowed space shouldn’t break the bank.

Start With A Basic Plan

What is the goal for your backyard living space? Do you need a playground, pet run, garden space, outdoor kitchen, water feature, fire pit, or just a quiet place to sit and think?

Follow the Lay Of the Land
Don’t fight Mother Nature. Go with the flow, whether it be sun, wind, water, or traffic. Keep backyard living spaces sheltered from the weather so you enjoy them more often. Direct pathways away from wet places. The more you use your space, the bigger the bang for your buck.

Picking Up the Pieces
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. One man’s budget may be another man’s treasury. If you need to decorate your backyard living space on a shoestring, you can create the dream without causing a fiscal nightmare. Recycling is a noble endeavor, and your backyard is a noble cause.

  • Foundlings are my favorites. They may be, quite literally, anything that strikes your fancy; old baskets, rusted iron parts, twisted tree roots, rocks, or colored glass. They can provide a theme, a centerpiece, a touch of whimsy, or point of interest.
  • Thrift stores and yard sales are a random hodge-podge of possibility. They are great places to pick up budget furniture for painting or decorating in your uniquely personal way.
  • Discount stores have fun and inexpensive bowls, baskets, vases, pitchers, or even coffee cups, that can be planted with flowers and herbs for splash of color or a dash of flair.

Formulate an idea but keep an open mind about what you want before you go hunting for décor. Inspiration may pop up anywhere.

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