Fire Pits vs Fire Places: Which One Is Right For You?

Can you picture having friends and family gathered around a blazing fire? Laughing, chatting, and roasting marshmallows? Having a fire feature in your yard has many benefits. It can extend your outdoor season by providing warmth on cool evenings. It can allow gatherings to continue well into the evening by providing light. It also promotes a sense of warmth and community. But if you decide to get a fire feature for your yard, should it be a fire pit or a fireplace?

Open vs Enclosed Outdoor Areas

Fire pits tend to be open. People can gather around it from 360 degrees while they roast things or enjoy the warmth it produces. Fire places may be open on one or two sides but tend not to be open all the way around. This means limited area to enjoy the fire.

Permanent Structures Add Value

Because fire places are structural, they will need a professional to install. A outdoor fireplace is most often a free standing structure. A low cost fire pit is often a mobile structure. Some fire pits, such as those that need gas, should always attach to the ground. While they might be mobile, they should not be set up anywhere. They generally need a flat, hard surface, like a patio. Permanent structures also add value to your home and have a much longer life.

Fire Pit and Fireplace Costs

Because it requires a greater use of resources, a fireplace is more expensive than a fire pit to install. Strength of structure and the aesthetic potential make it worth the extra expense.
When deciding between a fire pit and a fire place for your yard, there are many factors to consider. Cost, function and placement are all things that will contribute to your decision. In the end, what is most important is that you will have a beautiful feature for your yard. This will allow you to extend your outdoor season well into the fall. Tulsa Greenscapes outdoor kitchen installers can help you with your new outdoor fireplace. Call us today 918-859-4473.
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