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Greenscapes Outdoor Enclosures

Create a customized oasis of comfort in your backyard. We’re not just a Tulsa landscaper. Greenscapes Outdoor is your one stop for all things outdoors. Our project managers create backyards you’ll enjoy for years. Using a range of fabrics – including vintage leathers – and a wide variety of colors, our pergolas and pavilions are built using local high-quality materials to actualize your vision of your yard. The range of materials available means that we can custom build the perfect structure for the style and budget of your home.

Adding a pergola or pavilion to your backyard will transform it into a beautiful living area your whole family will love. Looking to add a quiet retreat? An entertainment area for guests? Additional shade for yourself or plants? Greenscapes has you covered.


Why Install a Pergola or Pavilion?

  • Create a defined space in the backyard
  • Add screens, drapes, or latticework to one side for additional privacy
  • Pair them with an outdoor fireplace and furniture to create a cozy atmosphere for entertaining on cool nights.
  • Create a beautiful hanging garden with pergolas
  • Plant climbing plants such as grapevines or honeysuckle. Over time, a natural ceiling will grow as the vines interweave creating additional beauty and shade.
  • These outdoor-living areas can be combined with current structures or built freestanding.
  • Add them onto a back porch or deck to create a beautiful transition into the backyard.
  • Build a freestanding one in the center of your garden as a relaxing oasis completely separate from your home.
  • These light, airy, inviting spaces are the perfect addition to relax or entertain in.
  • In addition to adding quality of life, these structures also add value to your property and appeal to potential buyers.
  • Pergolas and pavilions can be used to block eyesores in the neighborhood and add additional garden space, as well as provide shade for pets, plants, and guests.

Whether your backyard is in need of a complete overhaul or a simple addition, one of these outdoor structures is the perfect place to start. Our outdoor-living specialist will work with you to custom design and build your dream outdoor living area. From day one until completion, you will be involved in the creative process. Call us today to turn your backyard into a custom-built oasis.

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Patios and Pavers in Tulsa

Paving The Way For a Beautiful Home

When you think of outdoor-living additions, paver installation may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, the natural tendency is to jump straight to the plants, pergolas, water features, and fire pits. But pavers are the framework around which the backyard comes to life. They contain the wildness of gardens, offer coolness to bare feet, provide stability for lawn furniture, define landscaping, and invite you to explore other areas of the yard. They are the lines and structure of the beauty of your backyard.

Pavers add a coolness to the yard, providing clean lines and natural flowing shapes throughout the backyard. Properly positioned, pavers create a sense of wonder with a winding paved path or an invitation to the outdoor pavilion with a structured walkway.

Greenscapes Outdoor can customize your outdoor living area with a variety of shapes and sizes of pavers. You Tulsa landscaper is also an experienced paver installer. We can create a design that makes your backyard really pop! In addition to creating new inviting spaces, our outdoor living area specialists do general and specialized repairs. We have access to vintage parts and can maintain the custom look you already have in place.

Let us help you design a complete backyard transformation. If you have an unstructured, boring backyard, begin with pavers. They create a framework from which to shape your landscaping and outdoor-living areas around. If you have a well-established garden or pavilion separated only by stretches of lawn, consider adding character and beauty with a simple paved path.

Contact our Tulsa paver installers today to add the natural beauty and order that pavers provide!

Attention Grabbing Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire pits make great focal points in gardens and patios. Fire pits also help you to enjoy nature even on the coldest days of the year. They supply beautiful focal points for a yard, add additional resale value, and can be the source of some cherished memories.

Whether you are looking for an evening of roasting hot dogs and s’mores with family, hosting a large BBQ with friends, or simply enjoying the warmth and comfort of a fire, we can help create your vision. Interlocking pavers form a splendid framework for a fire pit, complete with carefully crafted seating for the ultimate gathering place – perfect for conversation and s’mores.

Our outdoor-living specialist will work with you to design and build the backyard of your dreams: one with pathways lined with beautiful pavers, a pergola offering shade and support for growing vines, and a fire pit that supplies a gathering point. From day one until completion, we will work closely with you to transform your ideas into reality. There is no limit to the memories and beauty that can be created to transform your backyard.

Call us today to discuss customized fire pits and fireplaces to enhance your growing backyard oasis.

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Outdoor Fireplaces For Late Nights and Cold Weather

A fireplace built from stone along the side of a pavilion provides warmth to an airy outdoor living room. Add a dining table or a group of chairs and provide the perfect place to relax alone or with a group of friends. Backyards aren’t just for spring gardens or cooling off poolside in the heat of summer. Adding a fire pit to your backyard living area makes the space enjoyable every time of the year. Whether it’s finding a quiet retreat or a lively entertainment spot, fireplaces add warmth and personality to your yard and so much more:

  • A fireplace provides a retreat on long, cold nights
  • Spend a few quiet moments alone, a cup of hot chocolate in hand, staring at the flames flickering
  • Invite family or friends to join you for an evening of laughter and good food as you share stories around a fire pit
  • Roast marshmallows and camp in your backyard year round
  • Warm up wrapped in beach towels by a flickering flame after a late-night dip in the pool
  • Make the backyard inviting on chilly winter days.

Let our outdoor-living specialist at Tulsa Green Spaces help you design and customize the perfect fire pit or fireplace. Together we will create an inviting, warm space for you and your friends to gather around, one that captures your personality and the vision of your backyard oasis. You know what goes well with an outdoor fireplace? An Outdoor Kitchen!!!


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