The Perfect Garden Addition

Are you looking for the perfect way to spruce up your garden? No, we don’t mean add spruce to your space, we are talking pergolas! A pergola is the perfect structure to add to your garden to bring it to the next level. Pergolas bring a beautiful space to yard tailored to your imagination.
What Is A Pergola?
Pergolas can be large or small archways made of pillars with cross beam latticework. Building one can by simple depending on the type you wish to have. There are many different modifications you can add to your pergola to make it your own. For example, pergolas consist of different materials including metal, vinyl and or wood. Further, you can create a cover over the top if you wish to have a shaded area. You can add a deck, create an outdoor space for dining, or add some paint. The options are endless with your creativity.

What Plants Are Best?

Pergola frameworks are perfect for vine like plants to grow onto. Known for their beautiful draping flowers and vines that grow around the structure. Roses, honeysuckles, jasmine, ivy, climbing hydrangea, sweet peas are great for pergolas. These plants are climbing plants and can most likely support themselves growing up. Be sure to consider which plant would look best for your garden based on what hardiness zone you are in.
Pergolas make for an excellent addition to your outdoor space. These structures are completely customizable to your taste. The build time is minimal because of their simple framework. When trained right, you can add some beautiful flowers to your space. These need low maintenance and give an incredible result. 
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