Investing In Your Property

Adding comfortable outdoor spaces to your home are a great property investment and well worth the price. They add value to the property and give homeowners extra places to enjoy. When looking at investments for your yard, here are three popular options to consider:
  • pergolas
  • pavillions
  • gazebos


Pergolas form a walkway or create a place for seating or a swing in gardens. Usually they’re made of wooden or metal posts that support cross-beams or rafters. Vines or roses then climb the posts and grow across the top providing shade underneath. They can be custom built and add an element of charm to any property. Pergola designs depend on the dimensions of the yard. Usually built rectangular in shape. They average in width from 10 to 12 feet wide with a length of 12 to 14 feet, and have a height of about 9 feet.


Pavilions can stand separate, or be built onto existing construction. Typically made of wood and vinyl, construction also consists of logs and steel. They have covered roofs and should blend in with the landscaping in the yard. They serve as places to entertain. Pavilions are a great investment in your back yard and outdoor living space. 


Investing in a gazebo can completely change the appearance of a backyard. Gazebos come most often in the shape of a circle or octagon with eight posts supporting a domed roof. They can also appear in oval, hexagon, or rectangular shapes. Gazebo shingles made of wood, metal, or fiberglass stand up to weather. You can complete yours with flooring and screened walls. Gazebos provide an outdoor room perfect for spending quality time or sharing meals. We are Tulsa’s Outdoor Living Specialists. You can trust our talented builders to help design and build your dream space. Contact us and let us help you start planning the best outdoor structures for your property.
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