Top 3 Outdoor Heating Options

One of the best features of an outdoor living space is being able to use it all year round. As temperatures drop, many of us abandon our terraces, patios, and decks. A great way to extend the use of these areas is to install a heating element. Here are 3 of the most popular outdoor heating options.

Wood Burning Fire Places

A masonry fireplace that is fueled by wood is not only attractive but a great way to generate heat. A raised hearth is ideal for propping up your feet to keep them toasty. A fireplace with a full enclosure and a chimney helps to contain the fire in a safe environment.

Fire Pits

A fire pit is also a good outdoor heating option. These are generally open to the sky above. They can be fueled by wood, pellets, or gas. A wood fire pit is also great for cooking on. Because a fire pit is wide open, the heat disperses in many directions, allowing for everyone around the pit to benefit. Gas fire pits have the advantage of being sleek and decorative as well.

Propane and Electric Units

There are some unique residential models that are smaller and blend in with the surroundings. Propane heaters are often free-standing, while electric or infrared heaters can be mounted at roof level or closer to the floor. All of these generate a good amount of heat and can be placed in multiple locations.

When considering the right outdoor heating options for your outdoor living area, it is a good idea to get some advice from a professional in the field. They can offer suggestions on types, locations, and any plumbing or electrical requirements. Call us today 918-859-4473.

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