Whether adding a kitchen to an existing deck or patio or starting from scratch, Tulsa’s top outdoor kitchens are the result of careful planning. The best Tulsa outdoor construction professionals are expert at design, construction and customer relations. At Greenscapes Outdoor, our design team will incorporate every element you desire into a stunning and efficient outdoor kitchen that exceeds your wildest dreams. After identifying the appliances, materials, and furnishings intended for the area, our professionals will craft a custom plan that is just right for you.

Tulsa’s Top Outdoor Kitchens Are the Result of Careful Planning

Success is the result of careful planning. When designing an outdoor kitchen, you build and plan from the ground up. Certainly, you want to build on a stable foundation that can handle decades of weight and traffic. And so, a well built patio or deck is essential. In addition, your plans should thoughtfully incorporate existing structures into the design. For example, an existing wall can provide further stability and a backdrop for the project.

When making plans, it is important to consider the many options you have for cabinets, islands, counter-tops, fire features and other things. And so, it is a good idea to look online and in magazines for inspiration. Do a Google search for modern outdoor kitchens to get an idea of what is possible. Whatever you see online, we can do that for you. After you have decided what features you want in your new outdoor kitchen, we are ready to create the project floor-plan.

Above all else, when building one of Tulsa’s top outdoor kitchens, you want to hire a building professional that works from carefully considered plans. You want to work with a Tulsa landscape building contractor that will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. In other words, you want Greenscapes Outdoor to build your Tulsa outdoor kitchen.

What Utilities Will You Need?

Your plan may include plumbing, electricity and gas lines. Fortunately, these utilities are already close to the house. For grills and other fire features such as a clean burning fire pit, gas lines are installed. Water and drain pipes allow for the installation of an outdoor kitchen sink. Electric lines are added to power refrigeration, special lighting, and entertainment options like television or sound systems.

If you are ready to add one of Tulsa’s better outdoor kitchens to your backyard, contact Greenscapes Outdoor now. Our design team is excited to help you plan the Tulsa outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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